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Research Topics

Virtual Backbone Assisted Routing for Ad Hoc Networks

Most existing routing protocols suffer from the "broadcast storm problem". By maintaining a virtual backbone over the physical layer, and running routing protocols over the virtual backbone, we can greatly alleviate this problem.

Related optimization problem: Minimum Connected Dominating Set (MCDS)

Resource-Aware Routing for Wireless Networks

Resource constraint is a serious problem in wireless network design, especially for all-wireless networks. A host with almost depleted power, or a buffer overflow, etc., tends to decrease network capacity. Thus, putting the routing burden on hosts with more available resources is very important.

Related optimization problem: Optimal Resource Allocation

QoS Related Issues

A wireless link is very unreliable when compared to its wired counterpart. Providing QoS routing for multimedia traffic (video/audio) is very challenging. The limited bandwidth of wireless networks makes this problem harder.

Related optimization problem: Channel Allocation and Assignment

Power-Aware Routing in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks

1. Why Power Control?

2. Benefits from Power Control

3. Strategies in each network layer

QoS and Resource Management