Accepted Papers

  1. The Popular Matching and Condensation Problems under Matroid Constraints
    Naoyuki Kamiyama

  2. The Power of Rejection in Online Bottleneck Matching
    Barbara Anthony and Christine Chung

  3. Optimizing Squares Covering a Set of Points
    Binay Bhattacharya, Das Sandip, Tsunehiko Kameda, Priya Ranjan Sinha Mahapatra and Zhao Song

  4. Information Gathering in Ad-Hoc Radio Networks with Tree Topology
    Marek Chrobak, Kevin Costello, Leszek Gasieniec and Darek Kowalski

  5. Improved Algorithms for Computing Minmax Regret 1-Sink and 2-Sink on Path Network
    Binay Bhattacharya and Tsunehiko Kameda

  6. Approximate Aggregation for Tracking Quantiles in Wireless Sensor Networks
    Zaobo He, Zhipeng Cai, Siyao Cheng and Xiaoming Wang

  7. On the Width of Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams
    Beate Bollig

  8. The Complexity of the Positive Semidefinite Zero Forcing
    Shaun Fallat, Karen Meagher and Boting Yang

  9. A Comparison between the Zero Forcing Number and the Strong Metric Dimension of Graphs
    Cong X. Kang and Eunjeong Yi

  10. The Generalized 3-Edge-Connectivity of Lexicographic Product Graphs
    Xueliang Li, Jun Yue and Yan Zhao

  11. A Quasi-Polynomial Time Approximation Scheme for Euclidean CVRPTW
    Liang Song, Hejiao Huang and Hongwei Du

  12. A Dichotomy for Upper Domination in Monogenic Classes
    Hassan AbouEisha, Shahid Hussain, Vadim Lozin, Jerome Monnot and Bernard Ries

  13. Tight Analysis of Priority Queuing for Egress Traffic
    Jun Kawahara, Koji Kobayashi and Tomotaka Maeda

  14. Interference-free k-barrier Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks
    Hongwei Du, haiming luo, Jing Zhang, Rongrong Zhu and Qiang Ye

  15. On-line Strategies for Evacuating from a Convex Region in the Plane
    Qi Wei, Xuehou Tan, Bo Jiang and Lijuan Wang

  16. Parameterized and Subexponential-Time Complexity of Satisfiability Problems and Applications
    Iyad Kanj and Stefan Szeider

  17. A Practical Greedy Approximation for the Directed Steiner Tree Problem
    Dimitri Watel and Marc-Antoine Weisser

  18. Spanning Properties of Theta-Theta Graphs
    Mirela Damian and Dumitru Voicu

  19. Algorithms for the Maximum Weight Connected k-Induced Subgraph Problem
    Ernst Althaus, Markus Blumenstock, Alexej Disterhoft, Andreas Hildebrandt and Markus Krupp

  20. Optimal Trees for Minimizing Average Individual Updating Cost
    Sicen Guo, Minming Li and Yingchao Zhao

  21. Optimally Bracing Grid Frameworks with Holes
    Yoshihiko Ito, Yuki Kobayashi, Yuya Higashikawa, Naoki Katoh, Sheung-Hung Poon and Maria Saumell

  22. The Minimum Vulnerability Problem on Graphs
    Yusuke Aoki, Bjarni V. Halldorsson, Magnus M. Halldorsson, Takehiro Ito, Christian Konrad and Xiao Zhou

  23. The List Coloring Reconfiguration Problem for Bounded Pathwidth Graphs
    Tatsuhiko Hatanaka, Takehiro Ito and Xiao Zhou

  24. Guarding Monotone Art Galleries with Sliding Cameras in Linear Time
    Mark de Berg, Stephane Durocher and Saeed Mehrabi

  25. A Potential Reduction Algorithm for Ergodic Two-person Zero-sum Limiting Average Payoff Stochastic Games
    Endre Boros, Khaled Elbassioni, Vladimir Gurvich and Kazuhisa Makino

  26. On the Parameterized Complexity of Dynamic Problems with Connectivity Constraints
    Faisal Abu-Khzam, Judith Egan, Michael Fellows, Frances Rosamond and Peter Shaw

  27. Data-Oblivious Graph Algorithms in Outsourced External Memory
    Michael Goodrich and Joseph Simons

  28. Cascading Critical Nodes Detection with Load Redistribution in Complex Systems
    Subhankar Mishra, My Thai, Xiang Li and Jungtaek Seo

  29. Algorithms for Cut Problems on Trees
    Iyad Kanj, Guohui Lin, Tian Liu, Weitian Tong, Ge Xia, Jinhui Xu, Boting Yang, Fenghui Zhang, Peng Zhang and Binhai Zhu

  30. Rectilinear Duals Using Monotone Staircase Polygons
    Yi-Jun Chang and Hsu-Chun Yen

  31. An Asymptotic Competitive Scheme for Online Bin Packing
    Lin Chen, Deshi Ye and Guochuan Zhang

  32. Performance Analysis and Improvement for the Construction of MCDS Problem in 3D Space
    Jun Li, Xiaofeng Gao, Guihai Chen, Fengwei Gao and Ling Ding

  33. Randomized Online Algorithms for Set Cover Leasing Problems
    Christine Markarian, Sebastian Abshoff and Friedhelm Meyer auf der Heide

  34. Kolmogorov Structure Functions for Automatic Complexity in Computational Statistics
    Bjørn Kjos-Hanssen

  35. A Bicriteria Approximation Algorithm for DVRP with Time Windows
    Hao Gu, Liang Song, Hejiao Huang and Hongwei Du

  36. Two paths location of a tree with pos/neg weight
    Jianjie Zhou and Liying Kang

  37. An Improved Even Order Magic Square Construction Algorithm and Its Application
    Zhenhua Duan, Jin Liu, Jie Li and Cong Tian

  38. Optimal Strategy for Walking in Streets with Minimum Number of Turns for a Simple robot
    Azadeh Tabatabaei and Mohammad Ghodsi

  39. Maximizing Revenues for On-Line Dial-a-Ride
    Ananya Christman and William Forcier

  40. Efficient Group Testing Algorithms with a Constrained Number of Positive Responses
    Annalisa De Bonis

  41. An Exact Algorithm for Non-Preemptive Peak Demand Job Scheduling
    Sean Yaw and Brendan Mumey

  42. Optimal Tracking of Multiple Targets Using UAVs
    David Hay, Shahrzad Shirazipourazad and Arun Sen

  43. Top-K Query Retrieval of Combinations with the Sum-of-Subsets Ranking
    Subhashis Majumder, Biswajit Sanyal, Prosenjit Gupta, Soumik Sinha, Shiladitya Pande and Wing-Kai Hon

  44. Approximation Algorithms for Optimization Problems in Random Power-Law Graphs
    Yilin Shen, Xiang Li and My T. Thai

  45. Incremental Computation of Pseudo-Inverse of Laplacian
    Gyan Ranjan, Zhi-Li Zhang and Dan Boley

  46. Algorithms for Fair Partitioning of Convex Polygons
    Bogdan Armaselu and Ovidiu Daescu

  47. Integer Programming Methods for Special College Admissions Problems
    Péter Biró and Iain McBride