Accepted Papers

  1. Legally (Δ+2)-coloring bipartite
    Danjun Huang, Ko-Wei Lih, Weifan Wang

  2. Distributed Algorithm for Mending Barrier Gaps via Sensor Rotation in Wireless Sensor Networks
    Yueshi Wu, Mihaela Cardei

  3. An I/O Efficient Algorithm for Minimum Spanning Trees
    Alka Bhushan, Gopalan Sajith

  4. The Influence of Preprocessing on Steiner Tree Approximations
    Stephan Beyer, Markus Chimani

  5. An efficient shortest-path routing algorithm in the data centre network DPillar
    Alejandro Erickson, Abbas Kiasari, Javier Navaridas, Iain Stewart

  6. Searching for (near) optimal codes
    Xueliang Li, Yaoping Mao, Meiqin Wei, Ruihu Li

  7. Algorithms for the Densest Subgraph with at least k Vertices and with a Specified Subset
    Wenbin Chen, Lingxi Peng, Jianxiong Wang, Fufang Li

  8. Directed Pathwidth and Palletizers
    Frank Gurski, Jochen Rethmann, Egon Wanke

  9. Polynomial time approximation scheme for single-depot Euclidean capacitated vehicle routing problem
    Michael Khachay, Helen Zaytseva

  10. Observing the state of a smart grid using bilevel programming
    Sonia Toubaline, Pierre-Louis Poirion, Claudia D'Ambrosio, Leo Liberti

  11. The connected p-centdian problem on block graphs
    Liying Kang, Erfang Shan, Jianjie Zhou

  12. Metric and Distributed On-line Algorithm for Minimizing Routing Interference in Wireless Sensor Networks
    Kejia Zhang, Qilong Han, Zhipeng Cai, Guisheng Yin, Junyu Lin

  13. WDCS: A Weight-Based Distributed Coordinate System
    Yaning Liu, Hongwei Du, Qiang Ye

  14. A Fast and Effective Heuristic for Discovering Small Target Sets in Social Networks
    Gennaro Cordasco, Luisa Gargano, Marco Mecchia, Adele Rescigno, Ugo Vaccaro

  15. Improved Algorithms for the Evacuation Route Planning Problem
    Gopinath Mishra, SUBHRA MAZUMDAR, Arindam Pal

  16. An improved on-line strategy for exploring unknown polygons
    xuehou tan, Qi Wei

  17. Indoor Localization via Candidate Fingerprints and Genetic Algorithm
    Zeqi Song, Hongwei Du, Hejiao Huang, Chuang Liu

  18. Local Search Algorithms for k-median and k-Facility Location Problem with Linear Penalties
    Yishui Wang, Dachuan Xu, Donglei Du, Chenchen Wu

  19. Approximation Algorithms for Generalized MST and TSP in Grid Clusters
    Binay Bhattacharya, Ante Custic, Akbar Rafiey, Arash Rafiey, Vladyslav Sokol

  20. Optimal self-assembly of finite shapes at temperature 1 in 3D
    Scott Summers, David Furcy

  21. Line Segment Covering of Cells in Arrangements
    Matias Korman, Sheung-Hung Poon, Marcel Roeloffzen

  22. Approximating the Restricted 1-Center in Graphs
    Wei Ding, Ke Qiu

  23. The Discrete and Mixed Minimax 2-Center Problem
    yi xu, Jigen Peng, Yinfeng Xu, Binhai Zhu

  24. Covering, Hitting, Piercing, and Packing Rectangles Intersecting an Inclined Line
    Supantha Pandit, Apurva Mudgal

  25. Improved MaxSAT Algorithms for Instances of Degree 3
    Chao Xu, Jianer Chen, Jianxin Wang

  26. Deleting edges to restrict the size of an epidemic: a new application for treewidth
    Jessica Enright, Kitty Meeks

  27. A Hybrid Large Neighborhood Search for Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Deadline
    Dan Yang, Xiaohan He, Liang Song, Hejiao Huang, Hongwei Du

  28. Optimal Approximation Algorithms for Maximum Distance-Bounded Subgraph Problems
    Yuichi Asahiro, Yuya Doi, Eiji Miyano, Hirotaka Shimizu

  29. Multicast Network Design Game on a Ring
    Akaki Mamageishvili, Matus Mihalak

  30. Vertex Cover in Conflict Graphs: Complexity and A Near Optimal Approximation
    dongjing miao, jianzhong li, xianmin liu, hong gao

  31. A (5.83+ε)-approximation Algorithm for Universal Facility Location with Linear Penalty
    Yicheng Xu, Dachuan Xu, Donglei Du, Chenchen Wu

  32. Adaptive Scheduling over a Wireless Channel under Constrained Jamming
    Antonio Fernández Anta, Chryssis Georgiou, Elli Zavou

  33. New insight into 2-community structures in graphs with applications in social networks
    Cristina Bazgan, Janka Chlebikova, Thomas Pontoizeau

  34. Maximum Independent Set on $B_1$-VPG Graphs
    Abhiruk Lahiri, Joydeep Mukherjee, C. R. Subramanian

  35. Extreme witnesses and their applications
    Andrzej Lingas and Mia Persson

  36. On clustering without replication in combinatorial circuits
    Zola Donovan, Vahan Mkrtchyan, K. Subramani

  37. On the complexity of scaffolding problems: from cliques to sparse graphs
    Mathias Weller, Annie Chateau, Rodolphe Giroudeau

  38. Optimizing Static and Adaptive Probing Schedules for Rapid Event Detection
    Ahmad Mahmoody, Eli Upfal, Evgenios Kornaropoulos

  39. Parameterized lower bound and NP-completeness of some H-free Edge Deletion problems
    N. R. Aravind, R. B. Sandeep, Naveen Sivadasan

  40. Planar visibility counting problem
    sharareh alipour

  41. Variants of Multi-Resource Scheduling Problems with Equal Processing Times
    Hamed Fahimi, Claude-Guy Quimper

  42. On Replica Placement in High-Availability Storage under Correlated Failure
    K. Alex Mills, R. Chandrasekaran, Neeraj Mittal

  43. Orbital independence in symmetric mathematical programs
    Gustavo Dias, Leo Liberti

  44. The disjunctive bondage number and the disjunctive total bondage number of graphs
    Eunjeong Yi

  45. A Sensor Deployment Strategy in Bus-based Hybrid Ad-hoc Networks
    Rongrong Zhu, Hongwei Du, Xiaohua Jia, Chuang Liu

  46. Trees, Paths, Stars, Caterpillars and Spiders
    Minghui Jiang

  47. Online Minimum Bichromatic Separating Circle
    Bogdan Armaselu, Ovidiu Daescu

  48. Symbolic Model Checking for Alternating Projection Temporal Logic
    Haiyang wang, zhenhua duan, Cong Tian

  49. Dynamic Single-Source Shortest Paths in Erdos-Renyi Random Graphs
    Wei Ding, Ke Qiu

  50. Edge-Disjoint Packing of Stars and Cycles
    Minghui Jiang, Ge Xia, Yong Zhang

  51. Black And White Bin Packing Revisited
    Jing Chen, Xin Han, Wolfgang Bein, Hingfung Ting

  52. An online model of berth and quay crane integrated allocation in container terminals
    Feifeng Zheng, Longliang Qiao

  53. Listing Center Strings under the Edit Distance Metric
    Hiromitsu Maji, Taisuke Izumi

  54. Proportional Cost Buyback Problem with Weight Bounds
    Yasushi Kawase, Xin Han, Kazuhisa Makino

  55. The Minimum Acceptable Violation Ranking of Alternatives from Voters' Ordinal Rankings
    Kelin Luo, Yinfeng Xu

  56. On the Minimal Constraint Satisfaction Problem: Complexity and Generation
    Guillaume Escamocher, Barry O'Sullivan

  57. Another easy QAP case with Robinsonian matrix: Is it easy to recognize?
    Eranda Cela, Vladimir Deineko, Gerhard Woeginger

  58. Algebraic Theory on Shortest Paths for All Flows
    Tadao Takaoka

  59. Searching Graph Communities by Modularity Maximization via Convex Optimization
    Yuqing Zhu, Chengxu Sun, Deying Li, Cong Chen, Yinfeng Xu

  60. Online scheduling for Electricity Cost in Smart Grid
    Xin Feng, Yinfeng Xu, Feifeng Zheng