Accepted Papers

1 Approximation Algorithms for Minimum Energy Multicast Routing with Reception Cost in Wireless Sensor Networks
Deying Li
2 Complexity of the stamp folding problem
Takuya Umesato,Toshiki Saitoh, Ryuhei Uehara, Hiro Ito
3 Greedy Algorithm for Least Privilege in RBAC Model
Jinling Liu, Hongwei Du, Hejiao Huang
4 PTMTrust: A P2P reputation framework placing trust in majority
Qin-gui Xu, Taolan Yang
5 Hamiltonian cycles through prescribed edges in k-ary n-cubes
Iain Stewart
6 Further Improvement on Maximum Independent Set in Degree-4 Graphs
Mingyu Xiao, Hiroshi Nagamochi
7 A question on relaxed equitable coloring
wei gao
8 Exponential and Polynomial Time Algorithms for the Minimum Common String Partition Problem
Bin Fu, Boting Yang, Binhai Zhu, Haitao Jiang,
9 A Saturation Algorithm for Homogeneous Binomial Ideals
shashank Mehta, Deepanjan Kesh
10 On the number of solutions of the discretizable molecular distance geometry problem
Antonio Mucherino, Carlile Lavor, Jon Lee, Benoit Masson, Leo Liberti
11 Minimum Latency Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Network with Directional Antenna
Deying Li, Hui Liu, Zewen Liu, Hongwei Du
12 Wirelength of Hypercubes into Sibling Trees
Micheal Arockiaraj, Indra Rajasingh, Paul Manuel, Bharati Rajan, Arul Jeya Shalini
13 Public Communication Based on Russian Cards Protocol: a Case Study
Jia He, Zhenhua Duan
14 A Semantic Model for Many-core Parallel Computing
Nan Zhang, Zhenhua Duan
15 Hybrid Artificial Bee Colony Search Algorithm Based on Disruptive Selection for Examination Timetabling Problems
Malek Fehaid, Salwani Abdullah
16 Efficient algorithms for finding the k most vital edges for the minimum spanning tree problem
17 Integration of an LP Solver into Interval Constraint Propagation
Ernst Althaus, Stefan Kupferschmid, Daniel Dumitriu, Bernd Becker
18 The Complexity of Testing Monomials in Multivariate Polynomials
Zhixiang Chen, Bin Fu
19 Algorithms for Testing Monomials in Multivariate Polynomials
Zhixiang Chen, Bin Fu, Yang Liu, Robert Schweller
20 Minimum Interval Cover and Its Application to Genome Sequencing
Bin Fu, Binhai Zhu, Liang Ding/td>
21 Algorithmic Aspects of Heterogeneous Biological Networks Comparison
Guillaume FERTIN, Stéphane Vialette, Florian Sikora, Irena Rusu, Hafedh Mohamed-Babou, Guillaume Blin
22 Heuristics for parallel machine scheduling with deterioration effect
Feifeng Zheng, Lu Wang, Yinfeng Xu, Liu Ming
23 Optimal policy for single-machine scheduling with deterioration effects, learning effects, setup times, and availability constraints
Sheng Yu, Yinfeng Xu, Ming Liu, Feifeng Zheng
24 Restricted Edge Connectivity of Harary Graphs
Xiaohui Huang, Zhao Zhang, Qinghai Liu
25 List dynamic coloring of sparse graphs
Seog-Jin Kim, Won-Ji Park
26 On the maximum locally clustered subgraph and some related problems
Bang Ye Wu
27 A Fast Parallel Algorithm for Finding a Most Reliable Source on a General Ring-Tree Graph with Unreliable Edges
Wei Ding, Guoliang Xue
28 Quickest Paths in Anisotropic Media
Joachim Gudmundsson, Radwa El Shawi
29 Improved Algorithms for Farthest Colored Voronoi Diagram of Segments
Yongding Zhu, Jinhui Xu
30 Mechanisms for Obnoxious Facility Game on a Path
Guochuan Zhang, Wei Yu, Yukun Cheng
31 Approximation algorithms for a bilevel knapsack problem
Guochuan Zhang, Lin Chen
32 Euclidean Chains and Their Shortcuts
Boting Yang
33 A Near-Optimal Memoryless Online Algorithm for FIFO Buffering Two Packet Classes
Fei Li
34 A Comprehensive Study of an Online Packet Scheduling Algorithm
Fei Li
35 On the Two-Stage Stochastic Graph Partitioning Problem
Neng Fan, Qipeng Zheng, Panos Pardalos
36 Kinetic Red-Blue Minimum Separating Circle
Marko Zivanic, Ovidiu Daescu, Yam Ki Cheung
37 On the Partition of 3-Colorable Graphs
Yang Liu, Qing Wang
38 A Note on Treewidth in Random Graphs
Tian Liu, Ke Xu, Peng Cui, Chaoyi Wang
39 Tractable Feedback Vertex Sets in Restricted Bipartite Graphs
Tian Liu, Ke Xu, Wei Jiang
40 On Unique Games with Negative Weights
Peng Cui, Tian Liu, Ke Xu
41 A New Approximation Algorithm for the Selective Single-Sink Buy-at-Bulk Problem in Network Design
Peng Zhang
42 On the Surface Area of the Asymmetric Twisted Cube
Zhizhang Shen, Eddie Cheng, Ke Qiu
43 Algebraic Algorithm for Scheduling Data Retrieval in Multi-Channel Wireless Data Broadcast Environments
Xiaofeng Gao, Zaixin Lu, Weili Wu, Bin Fu
44 Towards Minimum Delay Broadcasting and Multicasting in Multihop Wireless Networks
Maggie Cheng, Quanmin Ye
45 A Spatio-Temporal Approach to the Discovery of Online Social Trends
Jie Wang, Harshavardhan Achrekar, Zheng Fang, Benyuan Liu, You Li, Cindy Chen
46 One-and-a-half-side Boundary Labeling
Chun-Cheng Lin, Sheung-Hung Poon, Shigeo Takahashi, Hsiang-Yun Wu, Hsu-Chun Yen