How to Make Room Reservations at the Conference Hotel

COCOA’2011 will be held at QingHe Jin Jiang International Hotel, which is a 4-star hotel located at No.1 JunSi road, Wulingyuan District, ZhangJiaJie City, Hunan Province, China. The local organizer of COCOA’2011 has reserved two types of guest rooms for the participants of COCOA’2011 at the following rates:

A: 500 RMB/day for a standard one-bed room.
B: 500 RMB/day for a standard two-bed room.

The prices of both types include service/tax charges, breakfast for at most two persons, and internet access. (1 USD ~ 6.52 RMB)

For room reservation at the conference hotel, please send the following information to the local organizer, Dr. Xudong Hu, at [email protected] before June 30, 2011 (after that there is no guarantee for the low price, or even rooms).

Paper No.:
Room Type (A or B):
Check-in Date (and time if after 18:00):
Check-out Date (and time if after 12:00):        

Notice that
(1) Upon receiving the room reservation request, Dr. Hu will send a confirmation email within 48 hours notifying that the request is received.

  • For the convenience of participants of COCOA’2011, the local organizer does not require any deposit when room reservations are made; He demands, however, that the information provided should be accurate. Any change in room reservations should be notified the local organizer as early as possible (since otherwise the local organizer has to compensate the hotel for possible loss).
  • Room charges should be paid directly to the hotel while you check in and check out. Cash and credit cards of major currencies are both acceptable in the hotel.
  • Send enquiries about hotel reservations to [email protected]