Workshop Aim And Scope

   The proliferation of new technologies such as Internet of things, social networks and cloud computing produces datasets whose volume, velocity, and variability is beyond the ability of commonly-used software tools. Efficient processing of big data creates notable research challenges and opportunities for traditional databases and infrastructure. On the other hand, computing and software are turned into commodity services by cloud computing, so it is necessary to examine Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) from both technology and business aspects.

   This BDMS 2016 workshop intends to bring together researchers, practitioners, and developers from academia and industry to discuss cutting edge research on big data management and service, such that the interactions among the experts of these areas can be promoted and new interdisciplinary technologies can be developed. The scope of the workshop includes big data management techniques such as big data modeling, analytics, and toolkits, as well as techniques and case studies for providing big data as a service.

   This workshop welcomes different kinds of papers that emphasize theoretical foundations, algorithms, systems, and applications for big data management and service. Submitted papers may address issues including big data theory, architecture, modeling, analytics, mining, business, toolkits, visualization, open platforms, applications. Papers of applied research, industrial experience reports, work-in-progress and vision papers with different criteria for each category are also solicited.